Feed plant

The DAGU feed plant has been guaranteeing the quality, traceability and safety of the food fed to our egg laying hens since 2005.

We produce compound feed at a facility where the environment, traceability and food safety are of paramount importance.

We strive to minimise the environmental impact of this plant, whereby dust emissions generated by the handling of cereals are treated directly and individually by sucking air from inside the equipment and the removal of particles through the use of sleeve filters. Readings are taken on a regular basis to ensure the equipment is operating smoothly.

The strict controls conducted in both the reception of raw materials and the production processes guarantee healthy and natural feed, which provides our birds with a balanced diet in accordance with their physiological needs.

The DAGU, S.A. Feed Plant provides consumers with the added value of being a plant designed for the exclusive manufacture of feed for egg-laying hens (mono-species), with a guarantee of the total absence of cross-contamination by substances authorised for other species, but not for egg-laying hens.

All our feed is certified with a minimum content of 60% of cereals, the remainder being made up of flour, oil, vitamins and minerals.

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