The laboratory for Quality Control in Dagu has been located since 2005 on the ground floor of the building contiguous to the company's Feed Mill. It occupies a space of 150 m² and was conceived in its design as a laboratory, which has meant a great advantage when defining the different testing areas, taking utmost advantage of the area available.

Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern technology. Here we perform the quality controls on all the processes.

The laboratory for quality control in Dagu has four sections:

  • Physical-Chemical analysis:
    • Determine Gross Proteins, Fat, Humidity, etc.
    • Determine Fiber, Calcium, Chlorides, etc.
    • Determine impurities, unsaponifiables, etc.
  • Microbiological Analysis:
    • Investigation for Salmonella spp. Listeria monocytogenes, etc.
    • Micro-organism indicator count
    • Antimicrobial detection
  • Egg Quality Analysis:
    • Air cell, Haugh Units, shell thickness, etc
    • External Quality
    • Colour of the yolk
    • Finished Product Control
    • Production control
  • Reception and analysis of Raw Materials for Feed:
    • Determine temperature, humidity, specific weight
    • Measurements of granules
    • Compositional Analysis by means of Near Infrared Technology (NIR)

Together with the technical equipment, we also have excellent professionals that day to day safeguard the health of the fowls and the food safety of our products. DAGU SA has implemented the Quality Control System ISO 9000:2000 and the laboratory for Quality Control is subject to the same parameters in all the aspects relative to the philosophy of the ISO17025 regulation.

Furthermore, DAGU´s Quality Control laboratory has been authorized by the Agriculture Department to perform self-controls on the health programmes for the vigilance and control of Salmonella in the farms for hen layers, breeding and broilers. We have also been authorized by the Health Department of Castilla La Mancha to perform the sanitary analysis of substances and products related to Environmental Health and Food.