One of the historic worries in DAGU S.A. has been to reach the maximum trust of our customers and to offer them the best products available.

This is why we have been implanting a solid ISO 9001 Quality System in our organization, which is annually audited externally and enables us to concentrate on our customers (their needs, suggestions, degree of satisfaction, etc.), to increase our staff's involvement and to have data and indicators of our processes. As these are measurable, they can give us a reference so as to continue improving and increasing the efficiency of our products, making our company a better organization and with a greater capacity of response in view of our challenges.

As a complement to our Quality System, in 2007 a new regulation for the Certification for specific food products was implemented. This is the IFS Regulation, which was created for the large European distribution and which brings together all the requirements of a Quality System with the specific requirements for the food sector.

This new certification has made us even more aware of the risks that can affect our product and of the need to perform a thorough analysis of all the processes as the only way to control these risks.

Moreover, we have increased our degree of involvement with all the staff relative to Food Safety, making them aware of the importance of their work on the end quality of our products.