Large eggs have less cholesterol than was originally thought until now, according to the latest report by the US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service (USDA – ARS), which also reveals that eggs have a greater quantity of Vitamin D.

Moreover, this revision in the nutritional composition of standard large eggs has proved that the average quantity of cholesterol in one of these eggs is 185 milligrams -about 14% less than what was recorded previously- and 41 international units (IU) of vitamin D, an increase of 64%.

As the nutritionist Jacob Exler, from the Agricultural Research Service explains, the researchers gathered a sample of large eggs from 12 areas across the country and analysed their contents in nutrients. Then they compared the composition of these eggs with those analysed in 2002.

“Although the majority of nutrients maintained similar values, the cholesterol had dropped 14% and vitamin D had risen 64% in comparison with the values in 2002” according to Exler.

More than 40 years of investigation has proved that healthy adults can enjoy eggs without suffering a significant impact on the risk of developing heart disease.