Starting 1st January 2012 the regulations on Animal Welfare will come into effect as reflected in the Directive 1999/74/CE. From this date on, the use of inadequate cages will be forbidden. The European Parliament has refused a moratorium for the poultry sector.

The enforcement of this regulation means an important investment for the poultry companies, above all when considering the global economic crisis and credit restrictions.

In this scene DAGU, which already has a farm that satisfies the new regulations, has just contracted the enlargement of this farm so as to reach a capacity of 1,200,000 hens housed in enriched cages by 2011. Also, we have contracted the adaptation of 250,000 hens which already had enriched cages and the restructuring of 150,000 more. With these actions, by 1st January 2012, Dagu’s productive Industry in Castilla La Mancha will be fully adapted to the Directive 1999/74/CE and the Royal Decree 3/2002.

With this capacity we will guarantee the service to all our customers and we will be one of the first companies in the sector to adapt all our fowl to the new regulations.