A great number of industrial activities use egg products as ingredients in other food. Eggs provide a high nutritive value, organoleptic qualities and functional properties needed in the manufacturing processes of many foods.

For the industrial food, eggs products have some advantages as opposed to eggs with shell:

  • Greater versatility. Different products can be used for different purposes.
  • Easy use and dosage.
  • Greater bacteriological safety.
  • Easier to handle: time and labour saving.

The possibilities in the use of egg products are varied due to the techno-functional properties that they provide, as shown in the tables on the following tables:

Possible uses of egg-products

  Whole Yolk White
Confectionery x x x
Pastry x x x
Bakery x x x
Dairy products x x x
Ice creams x x x
Drinks x x  
Baby food x x  
Creams and soups x x  
Mayonnaise and sauces x x  
Pasta x x  
Ready cooked meals x x  
Delicatessen x x  
Pet food x x  
Fish farming food x x  
Cosmetic products     x
Glues x x x
Tannery   x x
Pharmaceutical Industry     x

Tech-functional properties of egg-products demanded by the industry

  Properties Responsible Components Aplicaciones
YOLK Flavouring Many Crème caramel, pastas, sauces
Colouring Xanthophyllis Muffins, pastas, breads, cakes
Emulsifier capacity Lecithin, Lipoproteins LDL Mayonnaise, sauces, creams, ice creams, croquettes, cosmetics
Coagulant and binding substance Lipoproteins LDL and other proteins Crème caramel, muffins, creams, sweets, pastas, cellular cultures
Antioxidant Phosvitin Food, paints
Pharmaceutical uses IgY, Cholesterol, Sialic acid Vaccines and medicines
ALBUMEN Frother capacity,
foam stabilizer
Lysozyme, Egg albumen Meringues, mousses, cakes, pastas, special breads
Anticrystallization Egg mucin, Egg mucoid Meringues, cakes, confectionery
Coagulant and binding substance Egg Albumin, Conalbumin Cakes, confectionery, biscuits, pâtés, glues, tannery
Preservatives Lysozyme, Conalbumin Quesos y otros alimentos
Rheological properties Different proteins Confectionery
Pharmaceutical uses Egg mucim, immunoglobu Antibiotics, serology